Ozstar Solutions was started in 2011 by two people working out of their house. Through hard work and sheer commitment, we expanded into a warehouse and now having our own commercial property.


Today, Ozstar Solutions is one of the leading wholesale suppliers and exporter of medical PPE's, vitamins, supplements, milk powder, baby formula and cosmetics in South East Asia, Indonesia and Australia.


Our mission is to provide affordable products to wholesalers, retailers and consumers without diminishing quality and customer service.


Ozstar Solutions is 100% Australian owned and operated, supplying local retailers in Sydney as well as interstate. Our products can be found in the other major cities of Australia, such as Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.  

Ozstar Solutions has also gained international recognition, exporting naturally produced Australian products to South East Asia, Indonesia and New Caledonia. Furthermore, we import high quality medical PPE's to ensure our front line workers stay safe protecting the community. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are ensuring every Australian has the affordability and accessibility to stay protected with surgical and respirator masks, as well as face shields. Please contact us for more information.


In furthering our mission, we have also  expanded Ozstar Solutions to become  an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). This allows us to enforce our own quality control on the products that we produce, whilst ensuring our customers are offered the lowest prices possible. Our manufacturing factories can be located in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Vietnam.

If you ever find a product with our logo on it, we can guarantee its quality!

Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer or just an individual, we can guarantee prices much lower than the RRP (Recommended Retail Price)!